About Us:

Our goal is always to provide our patients with the best aesthetic and functioning bite possible. We will always provide the highest quality of care with the latest, proven treatment procedures in a state-of-the-art facility with doctors and staff that are committed to excellence.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Munn is a South Carolina native from West Columbia. He was influenced early on by his colleague and brother-in-law, Dr. Ross, to help others receive joy by transforming their smiles. He received his biology degree from Bob Jones University in 2003 and graduated as a dentist (DMD) from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2007. Dr. Munn went on to specialize in orthodontics at West Virginia University, receiving a master of science (MS) degree in orthodontics in 2010.

Dr. Munn is a member of various dental associations including being secretary-treasurer of the Grand Strand Dental Society, member of the South Carolina Dental Association (SCDA), and member of the South Carolina Association of Orthodontists. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Emily, cooking, going to the beach, and playing tennis and volleyball.

Born in the deep south, but raised in West Virginia, Dr. Ross studied biology at West Virginia University. While at WVU, he graduated as a dentist (DDS) in 1978 and went on to complete a residency program at WVU with a master of science (MS) degree in orthodontics in 1980. After working with a multi-specialty group practice in Wisconsin for three years, he returned to the warmer southern city of Myrtle Beach in 1983.

Being a member of the Chicora Rotary Club and the Horry County Board of Higher Education shows Dr. Ross's passion for helping the local community. He is also a past president of the Grand Strand Dental Society, a past president of the South Carolina Association of Orthodontists, and a board certified diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. In his free time he enjoys kite boarding, sailing, and water/snow skiing. Good thing there is a beach near by!

Meet Our Staff

Hey ya’ll! I am originally from Florence, South Carolina. So, I am a true southern girl. I graduated from college with a degree in business and have been working in orthodontics for 12 years now and love it. I have been married to a wonderful man named Jimi for almost 30 years. We have two grown children and a beautiful new daughter-in-law. Jimi and I enjoy fishing in Murrells Inlet and relaxing on our patio with our 14 year old shih tzu named Sarah.

I am a true native to Myrtle Beach and graduated from West Christian Academy. I have been working with Dr. Ross since 2004. I am a people person who enjoys doing for others and feel this is not only a job, but something I look forward to doing. It is rewarding to see the changes in our patients from start to finish.

I have been with Ross Orthodontics since before time (actually I rode over on Noah’s Ark with the giraffes). I am proud to say and somewhat reluctantly, since it gives away too much information… that we are on our third generation of patients. Yes, seriously, can you believe that?

Orthodontics is such a wonderful place to be. We see our kids grow up, literally! Some of our children who have had early phase treatment and then later full braces (or just observing until their permanent teeth come in) we have come to know them for 7-10 years of their life. That is the biggest change in their life that happens and it is absolutely rewarding to me! I appreciate all my kids, whether you are 5 or 85 and older, you are still my kids! I love all of you, and I am so blessed to have found something I am so passionate about and love with all my heart.

I am originally from California, but have been here in Myrtle Beach since 1994. My amazing husband and my son and daughter are my world. My career in the dental field began in 2004 doing general dentistry, but my heart is in orthodontics. I have been with Dr. Ross and Dr. Munn since 2007 and I absolutely love it. I always say they’ll never get rid of me! We are very fortunate to have an amazing group of girls THAT ROCK. I am definitely a summer girl and love my flops and tan skin. My family and I are totally river rats as we live for the boat. I have a crazy big great dane named Jixer, a little yorkie, Lexi and my favorite hairless dog Tinkerbell. God is amazing and I thank him daily for a great life.

I have been with Ross Orthodontics since 2006. What a fantastic team we have here! I began my orthodontic training back in 1979 as a high school senior in Alaska and fell in love with it. I am one of those military brats, born and raised, which gave me some wonderful opportunities to see the world. Herman and the Hermits concert in London, belly dancing in Turkey, shopping in the Egyptian Spice Market in Istanbul which is over 2000 years old, standing on two continents at one time—Eurasia, eating real Chinese food in Taiwan, and flying small planes over the beautiful state of Alaska. My dad’s last duty station was Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska where I met my husband of 30 years and the Lord has blessed us with three wonderful children whom I had the pleasure to homeschool. We’ve been here in Myrtle Beach for 15 years and I love the warm weather and of course the beach!

I started in the dental field in 1983 as a hygienist working for a pediatric dentist. In 1994, I moved to Myrtle Beach and worked as a hygienist for a few years. I have been involved in orthodontics since 1983 and have continued with Dr. Ross and Dr. Munn, but my role has changed to administrative assistant. I enjoy working with our patients and being able to see the changes ending with a beautiful smile. I love the beach and water activities. Most of all, I enjoy the wonderful people that I work with and learn new things from them every day. How could it be any better than that?

I am originally from a small town in Vermont next to Killington Ski Resort. I then moved to Myrtle Beach and very happy to be out of the snow and into the sun! I have been married to my wonderful husband for ten years. We have been blessed with two beautiful children. Katelyn, who is a great big sister and Kyle. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, wakeboarding, and horseback riding. I have been in dentistry for 18 years—11 of which have been with Dr. Ross. I truly enjoy orthodontics and love to see the huge difference a beautiful smile makes in our kids’ lives. I am very fortunate to have such a great group of friends here as well as two wonderful bosses!

Hi, my name is Marsha and I have been employed with Dr. Ross from the very beginning of his practice. I have attended the Medical College of Georgia and Columbia Tech. I have been happily married to an amazing “LSU Tiger” man for over 38 years. We have three daughters and were blessed with a wonderful grandson named Luke in 2008. I am the official “lab girl” of the office and enjoy every minute of it. In my time off, I love my Bible studies and working in my garden.

I am originally from New Castle, Pennsylvania. I have lived in Texas, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C. I have been in Myrtle Beach for about 17 years. My husband, David, and I have been together for twelve years. I have one daughter, Chelsea, who graduated from Carolina Forest High School. She is currently attending Coastal Carolina University. Before working with Ross Orthodontics, I have worked for the federal government in personnel and with Horry County schools as a kindergarten assistant. I have been with Dr. Ross and Dr. Munn for about 31/2 years and truly enjoy working with the staff and especially our patients. I have always wanted to work in the dental field and I am happy to be in an orthodontic office. I am truly honored to work with Dr. Ross and Dr. Munn. We are the best in the business!

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Gretchen has worked in Orthodontics for 14 years.
She wears all the hats our practice has to offer from clinical to front office and will be helping you along the way to achieve your beautiful new smile. She also is a whiz at computers so if you need help logging on to our free WiFi, just ask! She loves to dance and you may even see her doing Zumba Fitness moves when it's time for your braces to be removed!

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Hey guys! So this is about me...
I'm from NY originally but I moved here when I was 14 so I guess I'm as close to local as I can get. I love it here in the South because there is hardly ever any snow and the cold isn't exactly cold to me here.

I married my high school sweetheart and couldn't be happier! He is the greatest guy I have ever known. I do believe in love at first sight and that happy endings do exist! We have 2 absolutely beautiful daughters which can be the sweetest little girls in the world, but they are not perfect and do fight like every other siblings do. They are my world!

So my professional aspect of me.... I Graduated from HGTC with a Certified Dental Assisting Degreee. I was awarded 2 of 5 honorable awards one of which was The Student Total Achievement Recognition Award and the other was the Dr. Raymond Cleary Leadership Award. I cant even express to you how honored I was to be recognized :) but thankfully I was and Dr Ross and Dr Munn recognized that as well!

I absolutely love my job! My patients are so amazing! I look forward to seeing every single one of them as much as I can... I love being able to see my patients as they grow and their smiles change so much! This is the most rewarding place for me to be!

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